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Building Progress

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The duration of the project is 9 months with an end date of July 2021. The project is currently on schedule and is expected to be completed on time.

The building contractor has started work on updating the foundation in the proposed location for the school building. The update was needed to strengthen the foundation so as to support the updated design for the new building. The ground floor will consist of a computer room and a library.

Columns have been erected and concreted in readiness to construct the beams. The next step will be to finish the beams and the slab for the first floor. The old Counselling building was interfering with the construction and permission was obtained from the principal, Mrs. Demby, to chip off a part of the Counselling building.

Floating for the ground floor will take place by early March. To avoid any construction flaws the process needs to be completed in one day. To ensure successful completion of the floating process, the Freetown Alumni Association has made plans to feed the construction workers on floating day.

Quality controls are in place to ensure construction is being done correctly. There is a Works Inspector on site overseeing the construction and the materials being used.

Safety measures are in place to keep students and staff safe while construction is going on. The construction area is fenced off. Also, to prevent disruption during teaching hours, most of the work is done in the afternoon or on weekends. Deliveries also take place in the afternoon or on weekends. The principals have the opportunity to give feedback if they feel the construction is being disruptive.

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