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The Current Situation

The school currently operates on a 2-shift system, where one set of students attend classes from 8am to 1pm and a second set of students attend classes from 2pm –7pm.

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The two shift system has been identified as a leading cause for the poor performance of students in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), taken at the end of Junior Secondary level (JSS3/Year 9/Grade 9) and the West African School Certification Examination (WASCE), taken at the end of Senior Secondary level (SSS3/Year 12/Grade 12).


The poor teaching outcomes associated with the two shift system are the result of:

  • Children in the afternoon shift not being at their mental best at that time of day

  • Overcrowding which results in high student to teacher ratio

    • Not enough quality contact time between students and teachers

    • Teachers do not have enough time to complete the syllabus in time for exams.

  • Negative social consequences resulting from poor supervision of children attending the afternoon shift. 

    • At home during the day while parents are at work

    • Leave school in the evening and can be out till late at night based on their commute

The Challenge


The Decision

In February 2018 in careful consultation with the SJSS administrators, proprietor Bishop Tamba Charles, students and facility committed to SJSS becoming one school operating as one shift starting in the morning and closing in the afternoon. The 2 To 1 as ONE commitment included articulating a vision for quality education, developing a Brookfields community outreach strategy, assessing risks, as well as outlining fund raising methods and options.


In May 2018, the Sierra Leone government through its Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) released a directive to secondary schools –stating that all schools operating as two shifts (morning and afternoon) would now have to merge their schools and operate over one shift. This directive provided government support for the commitment made by the Bishop and his team.


The transition will:

  • Move SJSS from its current operating model of a two shift secondary school to one shift.

  • Reduce overall class size to 50 students for all streams

  • Be completed by the opening of the 2021/2022 academic year.


The Gap

A comprehensive assessment was done and the assessment showed the school had 24 classrooms in use as at March 2017.

Current State table.png

40 classrooms are needed in order to support the transition to a 1 shift school schedule.

Future State table.png

16 additional classrooms were needed to meet the gap classrooms as at March 2017.


What has been done so far:

  • Converted the SSS library into 2 classrooms

  • Converted the main building book shop into 1 classroom

Other Plans:

  • Convert the JSS library into 1 classroom


The Solution

The transition will create a combined community of approximately 2800 students and 105, teaching and support staff. 


The school has limited space in its compound to accommodate a new community of this size. 


To resolve the issue of lack of space, the decision was made to construct a new Multi-Purpose building that will :

  • Consist of 3 stories

  • Provide 6 additional classrooms

  • Include a new fully equipped library

  • Allow students access to a state of the art IT Lab

The Cost

Cost breakdown Table.png
Cost per classroom etc table.png
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